Before and After: Turtlehead

The winter books I mentioned yesterday have chapters on “Winter Weeds”.  I photographed a whole bunch of them last weekend when we had some nice sunshine.  But I’m only going to give you one at a time.

Turtlehead Turtlehead Seedhead
Left – August 14; Right – December 8th

Chelone glabra

My favorite information from the web about this plant is an explanation of the Latin Name:

Chelone (rhymes with “baloney”) was a nymph in Greek mythology who insulted the gods by ridiculing or not attending (versions vary) the marriage of Zeus to Hera. The gods punished her by turning her into a turtle.  (source)

What kind of punishment is that?  I mean, what’s so bad about being a turtle?  Swim and bask in the sun all day… 

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