Waiting for the Storm

Leaf Skeleton“They” have been predicting a severe winter storm for days.  It was supposed to have started last night at 10pm.  There was some wet snow overnight… nothing significant.  I was hoping to need snowshoes by now.  I did pull on the serious winter boots, and wind pants…  and I headed out with the dog for College Park.

I decided to try some more with exposure… So I (not so) carefully set my camera to overexpose – to compensate for what the camera will do when it sees white snow.  Except after a whole lot of pictures that came out way to dark I realize I’ve slipped the indicator to the underexposed side of zero, not the over-exposed.

Wild CucumberI changed the setting when I realized I had goofed.  But I knew that half the pictures in my folder for today would be grayer than I wanted…  Oh well… Maybe they’ll make good Photoshop fodder.

The dog led the way through very wet snow.  We crossed the creek and found these…

Zigzag Goldenrod

Oriental BittersweetOn the way back toward the car, I debated whether I should go over by the pond, or just cut through the woods.  Lolli decided for me and headed for the pond.  Because of her insistence, I found this lovely splash of color.

After the walk, we watched a few minutes of the Buffalo/Cleveland football game.  Yikes was the weather bad west of us…  And what’s west of us, we get eventually…

We went to the 4pm Vespers service… By the time it was over… the storm had arrived.  We’re getting it now!

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