Crystalline Morning

I went out yesterday with the intention of taking more photos of fungi.  I got sidetracked.  (That happens often… I’ve written of this before.)

hoar·frost (hôrfrôst) n. Frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface. Also called white frost.  (source)

Frosty WeedsThe sun played hide and seek through a broken bank of clouds in the southern sky.  Breakthrough moments when the sun hit crystals of ice were breathtaking.

Frosty Fruits

The thermometer claimed it was colder than my last walk in these woods.  There was some proof:  Puddles were frozen all the way to the bottom.  The snow was powdery, not melty.  And, of course, the rime.

Still… I felt warmer.  There was no wind.  The warmth of intermittant rays from a distant sun may have been purely psychological.  Still… my gloves stayed in my pockets most of the time.  Even the chickadees were fooled into making their springtime fee-bee song.

Frosty RushesI took a lot of photos near these frosty rushes while Lolli dug a hole.  She’d still be digging now if I hadn’t finally gotten my fill of ice covered everything in and around the puddle.

A woodpecker drummed nearby… but never let us have a glimpse.  Crows mobbed a hawk or owl in the distance.

Frosty HipsMy friend Norbert blogged about what great weather he had for Christmas in sunny southern California.  A crystalline morning like this I wouldn’t trade for the world!

Frosty Fungus

7 thoughts on “Crystalline Morning

  1. Winter is my favorite season – in part because the light is angled and the contrasts are stark, making for lots of terrific photo opportunities… as you’ve discovered. I’ll be back!

  2. Cool frosty pictures Jenn! Have you ever been out there when the wind picks up and starts to blow all the frosty sprinkles off the trees? That’s pretty too–having all those sparkles in the air.

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