Colors of Winter

We haven’t had a lot of snow yet… We get a bunch, then it melts, then a dusting, then it melts…  That’s OK…  Lets me enjoy the incredible colors of winter before the snow comes and buries them…

Some bold…

Colorful Fungus on Log

Bright Orange Bracket Fungus

Some even bolder…

Orange Fungi on Elm

Orange Fungi on Elm Closeup

Some more subtle…

Yellow-Orange Bracket Fungus on Branch

Bracket Fungus - Closeup

And to think… all this color because one organism dies to give life to another…

7 thoughts on “Colors of Winter

  1. What utter beauty! I’ve never been a fungus person. I prefer things with eyes or blossoms. But your visual interpretation here makes draws me in. I like your succinct and understated commentar. Bravo.

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