Fire and Ice

FireWe were ready to rest, to drink hot chocolate, and to eat sandwiches.  We coaxed a fire out of frozen wood not because we were cold but because fires are delightful, mesmerizing, hypnotic…

Chautauqua Gorge is layer upon layer of sedimentary rock that has been carved by the Chautauqua Creek.  The density of brown lines on a topo gives you an idea of how steep the walls are in some spots.

Chautauqua Gorge Topo

Roots and Ice


The gorge is always changing.  Fishing holes move.  Erosion changes the shape of walls.  Trees tumble into the creek to form a bridge, then disappear by next season.  The gorge is a dynamic demonstration of the phrase, “You can never step in the same river twice.”

The other day after refreshing with food, fire, and conversation, I braved rushing water and slippery rocks for some closeup shots of ice.

Here are a few:


Frozen on a branch

Ice-coated Branch

Look at this one, like a little crystal bell:

Ice Bell

And one more…

Frozen by the waterfall

That’s all for today.  Nothing deeply profound.  Nothing particularly educational.  Just Fire and Ice.

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. Wonderful pictures, especially the last one. We have many waterfall over the Niagara Escarpment in SW Ontario, but is is so treacherously icy around them in the winter for walking. I prefer to walk on snow!

  2. Great shots! I especially like the little bell. That’s classic! The almost hour-to-hour changes of a stream are really wonderful!

  3. Jennifer, you never fail to amaze me. Who in heck would even think of hiking into Chautauqua Gorge in the winter. Great ice Shots

  4. Wonderful pictures they are all so beautiful! I love your attention to detail.
    Your posts on the fungi are also great, I make a link to your site on today’s mushroom post so people can enjoy your photos and story 🙂

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