January Thaw

No Really - It's JanuaryA week ago the ground was covered with snow; the puddles were frozen; the temperatures were reported with single digits.  Today we walk without mittens, hats or scarves.  I wear my jacket and I am too warm.  The temperature is in the 60s.  Spring Peepers are active, singing hopeful songs.  Dandelions bloom in the front yard.  Honeybees send out scouts to see if it is spring yet.

Honeybee ScoutI’m a big fan of winter, if you haven’t figured that out yet.  Still, I must admit that today’s fresh, warm breeze was a welcome respite from the cold of last week. Sarah and Patrick, who are not nearly as enthusiastic about winter as I am, poked around in the open water and tried to catch tadpoles.

Now Children... Behave!

Well… Patrick tried to catch tadpoles.  Sarah just tried to give Patrick a hard time.

I spotted a snail along the pond edge… and then another… and a tiny clam.  Three mollusk species within two feet of one another.

Mollusk 1

Mollusk 3

Mollusk 2

In the woods, the sun dodged tree branches to illuminate mosses and lichens…



… and scat.

Deer Scat

If the weatherman is right, this will all be covered with snow by the weekend.  Temperatures will be half what they were today.

I need to take my cross country skis over to the Hollyloft for a tune up and base wax.  I already put my snowshoes in the trunk of my car in anticipation.  It was a lovely respite from the cold and snow… but now I say:  Bring it on!

12 thoughts on “January Thaw

  1. Yes, I was out and about today, also! But as I write this note, I can hear the wind blowing — 30 degrees tomorrow! I love the dandelion — I didn’t see any of those today.

  2. We had a few days of mild temps too but not quite as mild as your pictures depict! Today we got some new snow. Hurrah! The temps are at least to be below 0 C over the next few days. We’ve already been x-country skiing but the warmer weather made for not quite as nice conditions. Have you checked out Nordic Skates yet?

  3. You have such an eye for detail. I’m so moved by the force of Life that lies under our feet. My favorites are the shells. I love your blogspace here. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It made me blush. I’m really just beginning as an illustrator. Check back in two years.

  4. Ooh signs of life! Love the photos & words.

    Winter’s just getting going in the mountains here, with the latest big storm, which dumped a lot of snow on the Sierras. Time to wax up the XC skis and hit the snow myself!

  5. What a beautiful interlude in mid-winter! We’ll send a little snow your way although we kept about 4 inches of it last night.

  6. We’ve had a thaw too. Splendid! It had a re-invigorating effect on my Aged Cat . btw, Your blog is beautiful! I’m going to recommend it to a friend who thinks nobody would be interested in her nature photos. (Inspiration and camaraderie!)

  7. Great pictures! We too experienced the thaw. It gave my son a bit of spring fever. I too love winter, and am not ready to let go of it yet, although the blue skies and warm breezes were a nice change.

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