Lycoperdon pyriforme

Admit it:  when you were a kid in school (or maybe still now) the act of breaking wind sent you into wild hysterics.  And if someone spoke of the act using that one-syllable word that starts with f…  well, Teacher, you may as well write off the rest of That Lesson!  What does that have to do with fungi?  Read on…

FungusWhen I posted fungi photos from my hike in Chautauqua Gorge, a reader (thanks, Rurality) pointed me in the direction of the ID of one of the species.  After following her clue, I learned the following:

My fungus is probably Lycoperdon pyriforme.

Pyriforme means “pear-shaped,” so you might think a good common name for this fungus would be “Pear-shaped Puffballs.”  But noooooooo…..

Lyco comes from the Greek for “wolf.”  Perdon in Greek means “to break wind.”  Sooooooo….  This is Wolf-fart Puffball.  I kid you not.

Fungus CloseupHere is the sad part of this post:  DNA testing prompted mycologists in 2003 to move this fungus…  it’s new name is Morganella pyriformis.  I don’t know what Morganella means… but I hope we can still call it Wolf-fart Puffball, don’t you?  If not, then I just HAVE TO find the other puffballs that are still called Lycoperdon!

I guess I’m still that little kid that finds the word “fart” giggle-worthy…

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7 thoughts on “Lycoperdon pyriforme

  1. Have you ever heard of the spores causing Respiratory Distress/Failure in animals or humans. I saw a flier at my vets office about a small dog who contracted “Lycoperdonosis” from inhaling the spores then dying some time later.

  2. im doing a science project on that mushroom and you gave me like an answer sheet i appreciate it you made alot of work be easy for an 11 year old

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