MaddieSixteen years ago today, this gorgeous, fun, energetic person came into my life… and I couldn’t be happier.

I love to travel with her… she’s a great travel companion:  interested in everything, curious, loves to explore.

Maddie at the Top of the Treehouse

Abby and Maddie Making PaperShe’s artistic, too, exploring many media – paper-making here, but also painting, drawing, jewelry-making, knitting…  Even food…  (Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a picture of her Pirate Ship birthday cake!)

She’s brave, too, and works to overcome known fears.  Last year at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage, she managed to get comfortable holding snakes AND showing them around to the crowd during Rex’s presentation.  I was pretty proud of her:

Maddie With Milk Snake

Crazy Girls on HalloweenShe is also a very thoughtful and loyal friend.  Later today, the house will be filled with her friends, and while their energy will zap my own, I will enjoy every minute of it!

Happy Birthday, Maddie!
I love you!


Update!  Here’s the Cake:  (Click on it to go to Flickr where there are notes and explanations!)

Pirate Shipwreck Cake Front

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