Forest Floor in Winter: Sans Snow – Part V – Greenery

Here are the last of the pictures from Sunday…  I really hope we get some snow over the weekend…

This moss was so interesting… long and different from the Frosty Moss I posted under Textures.  I have never tried identifying mosses.  Do they have common names?

Christmas Fern
Christmas Fern stays green all winter.  Each little leaflet looks like a tiny Christmas stocking, doesn’t it?

Intermediate Woodfern
Intermediate Woodfern is also an evergreen fern.

Foam Flower Leaves
Foamflower is one of my favorite spring ephemerals.  I was surprised to see so many leaves up…  Are they always there, under the snow?  Or did the 60-70 degree days bring them out prematurely.  Last year, we had many beautiful blooms.  I will be curious to see if this spring brings as many.

But I don’t want to find out until I’ve had at least one chance to use my snowshoes!

7 thoughts on “Forest Floor in Winter: Sans Snow – Part V – Greenery

  1. You’re from W.NY, and you don’t have any snow this time of year. Strange… I’m in Central NY, and we’ve had quite a bit. We did have those 60 degree days, but we’re back to cold and snow. But I do love snow. As always, great pictures!

  2. The picture of the Intermediate Fern is helpful–I think we may have that fern but I find it difficult to identify ferns (except for the Christmas fern). Great photos!

  3. The thaw here in SW Ontario revealed a lot of green. We had a lot of snow from the end of November on after a very warm fall. So the ground never froze under the insulating snow and things were still green when the rain melted it. The moss is lovely.

  4. Beautiful! You’ve gotten me thinking about spring, but the weather folks don’t see it that way around here with sub zero temps coming up Monday. Should be lots of snow first though!

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