Cross Country Skiing

Two SkiersI don’t think I went skiing even once last year.  I had fallen in love with the snow shoes so my poor skis sat lonely in the garage.  Today, I ended the skiing hiatus with a lovely outing at Camp Timbercrest with my eldest daughter.

Lolli was quite delighted to be asked to join us.  I think for every mile we travelled, she travelled three.  Take a look at my shadow…  Emily Took This Picture of MeActually… take a look at all the doggie footprints ahead of me in the trail…  Those are all Lolli’s.  She absolutely BOUNDS through the snow… she loves it.

Here’s a little opportunity to have a laugh at Emily’s expense:

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up 1

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up 2

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up 3

It was such a pretty day.  We had a blast skiing on pristine snow.  This weekend, the camp will be FULL of Girl Scouts trampling the snow everywhere: sliding, hiking, skiing, and generally having a great time.  I think we timed our ski trip well.

7 thoughts on “Cross Country Skiing

  1. Oh Jen!

    Remember when we skied, stopping by the liquor store first for a bottle of wine for the trail? To drink with cookies, as I recall. Good times, tipsy skiing…

    So…did you tangle up in a tree, too? The mom with the camera wields the photos, after all. Our WNY snow has been heavenly. Best skiing in years! Enjoy!

  2. I too love cross country skiing. It looks like your pup was having a blast that day. I just discovered your site and you seem to have similar passions: outdoors, photography and crafts. (those are the things I’ve read on your site so far).

  3. Looks like a beautiful sunny day! You guys have a lot of snow (at least it provided a soft landing)
    Hey Jennifer, could you please send me a close-up photo of the hat you’re wearing (for my knitting pattern library). Thanks

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