It’s all Jayne’s Fault

Jayne's BookcoverJayne posted a picture of the cover of the book she recently self-published.  The picture had a link to where we can buy her book, which also tells how you, too, can download software and make your own book.

So I did it.  And now, it consumes me!  I’m making a book, too.  Mine will be about all these winter fungi I’ve been obsessed by.

The software is pretty intuitive and easy to use.  Pick a size and design.  Click inside text boxes and type.  Drag your photos into “containers.”  You are limited to the templates provided by Blurb and Blurb retains copyright to the layout and design.  You retain copyright to the content.  Once you are done, you publish it onto the Blurb site where you can direct your friends to buy your book (or where you can order copies of your own book to give away or keep…)

Booksmart Screen Print

I’m sure there are other book publishing tools out there.  This is the first one I’ve tried and so far, I like it.  I’ll let you know if I ever finish this project…  There are a couple of fungi I have yet to identify and I’d like to before I go to print!

I “blame” you, Jayne.  But I thank you, too.  This is an awful lot of fun!

12 thoughts on “It’s all Jayne’s Fault

  1. I am not sorry Jennifer :):) :0
    I had so much fun too but I know what you mean about it consuming you. I was consumed for over a month! I am working on my second book about birds as we speak. Let me know when your book is done! Have fun and thank you so much for blogging me!

  2. Don’t we all dream of being published, and now it is easy to self-publish. Funny how we still enjoy holding a book in our hands even when we can get limitless information from the internet. Good luck with your project!

  3. It sounds like a great project! I think Blurb is the best if you don’t already have good design software; if you did, would probably be a better deal. But if there’s any appreciable amount of text, I’d advise you to find a freelance copyeditor. An author can never catch all her own errors.

    Print-on-demand not only allows one to save a hell of a lot of money over traditional self-publishing, but I think it has to be better for the environment, too.

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