Happy Midwinter

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February 2nd falls midway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.  While pop culture celebrates the day as Groundhog Day, for centuries it was celebrated by the Celts as Imbolc.

Celtic DesignThe name of the midwinter festival, Imbolc, comes from a Gaelic word for ewe’s milk, for at this time of year the ewes may be lactating in certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere.  The festival celebrates this and other hints that Spring is starting to overtake Winter.

I plan to celebrate with a walk in the woods during the day, and in the evening an Art Opening (Joann Brennan – Managing Eden: The New Social Ecology and Tim Matthew Collins – The World Trade Center: Fallen Bodies… seems like a strange combination).  How appropriate that the band, Greenwich Meantime, plays Celtic music!

Here’s hoping “Phil” sees his shadow.  I haven’t seen nearly enough snow yet!

See you at Audubon’s Snowflake Festival Sunday?

6 thoughts on “Happy Midwinter

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I’m hoping both Phil and Buckeye Chuck of Marion Ohio see their shadows. I want more winter posts. What does a winter woman blog about in the summer?


  2. Wiarton Willie in Ontario didn’t see his shadow, but I see that Phil did. Willie has a poor track record on his predictions. Yesterday’s storm has about filled my winter tolerance for the season! Interesting history about Feb 2nd.

  3. I really wish I could go to the Snowflake Festival! That would be great!

    Want more snow? The reports are that our ski areas here have over 280 inches and more on the way!

  4. Been a real lackluster winter here in South Jersey. And that does not sit well with a snow lover like me. Hopefully Phil’s prediction will send us some of the white stuff, pronto!

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