A Book!

Winter Fungi Book CoverOk, folks… you can rush to the Blurb site to order millions of copies of my book now!  (Just click on the picture at left…)

I’ve ordered myself a copy, but have not received it yet…  When I do, I’ll post again to let you know what I think of the quality of Blurb books.  It was a fun process putting this one together, anyway… Kept me out of trouble!

UPDATE (2/11/08):  I received my copy of the book and am mostly please with it.  I made it “private” on Blurb for right now as I want to make a few edits.  When I’m done, I’ll put it back up on Blurb.  It’s pretty exciting!!!

12 thoughts on “A Book!

  1. Jennifer,

    Wow, I’ve heard about self publishing books. Congratulations! Does it cost money to produce the book? Or do you just design it and people then pay for it?


  2. Thanks Beth and Tom…

    Here’s how it worked: I downloaded the software and worked locally to make the book. After I had it looking the way I want it, I clicked the “Publish” button. It goes to blurb.com, where i can put a mark-up on it if I want. If I want a copy for myself, I can order it at cost+shipping. I put a 5-cent markup on it, just for kicks. I’ll be rich in no time. Hahah…

  3. Nice job, Winterwoman!!
    (As if you need anything more to keep you out of trouble?)
    Besides snow-shoeing, photography, family, nature center, dog, blogs,…

  4. Thanks Jennifer for the information about publishing the book. Just wanted to let you know that I think you had me confused for Mon@rch! No worries, I love his blog.

    Tom A.

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