Sit Spot Journal

Waxing MoonDon’t know why, but I decided to make my Sit Spot musings a whole separate blog.  I added it to my sidebar as another blog I write…  Or you can click here:

It was a very pretty day for the first day of the challenge!  A waxing moon playing peek-a-boo through the clouds and tree branches.  A setting sun painting the sky with riotous colors.

Sunset through the Hickories

4 thoughts on “Sit Spot Journal

  1. Lovely photos. I see, as winterwoman, you love your 20 minutes in the snow every day. When I signed on, I had a mind blip and FORGOT it was winter – still. This morning it’s 6 below and I sink into 10 inches of snow, but those 20 minutes, watching the sunlight come and drop diamonds on the tree branches, priceless.

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