Unusual Birds Visit Feeder

Can anyone help with the identification of these unusual birds?  They are quite large, four-legged, and wingless.  They will take seed directly from the feeders, but more often seem to prefer to eat off the ground, like the Juncos.  They came to our feeders at around lunchtime yesterday:

Lunchtime Party at the Feeders

Ha ha…  Seriously… These poor deer must be hungry!  We rarely see them at this time of day.  The one on the right is Three-Legged Deer.  She’s been coming to the backyard feeders for 2 or 3 winters… we can’t remember exactly…  She always holds the one leg up.  We suspect that the muscles are completely atrophied.

Three-Legged Deer

I took these photos from my desk.  Don’t I have a great view out my window?

Happy Thankful Thursday!

15 thoughts on “Unusual Birds Visit Feeder

  1. Isn’t it interesting that the deer with the lame leg has lived to come to the feeder for two or three years–I wonder if the other ones look out for her.

  2. that is a great view, particularly with the pond there. I’ve been wanting to put in a water feature in our yard, but our dogs would have a little too much fun in it.

    Shame about that deer, but obviously it’s making due if it has been coming around for so long.

  3. You do have a great view from your window! Yes, I recognize those birds. If it weren’t so far from here, I would think they are the three that clean up our sunflower seeds every evening. We call them “the cleaning ladies”.

  4. Hi Jennifer, Wow, working for a state resource organization in a big city mean that I the view out our office is crap. I’m definitely Jealous. Anyways, at least I get to go out into the field during summer. Really interesting shots of this deer, amazing how it has persevered with only three legs.


  5. Our deer don’t get that close because of our dog. We have other creatures who try to clean up the feeders at night–possums and raccoons. Nice photos.

  6. How lucky for you to see those deer in the daytime! Ours usually only sneak over in the middle of the night and the only evidence I see are hoofprints and empty feeder trays.
    I’m always amazed to see how deer and other wild creatures can adapt to living with a disability.

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