My thermometer is still registering over 50 at 9:30pm, though “They” are predicting back to the 20s in the next day or so…  But there are several hints of spring at Audubon:

Breeding Goose

This is not Wobbly Goose.  This is not New Goose.  Today a third goose appeared in our backyard pond.  He (she?) has a band around one leg.  I suspect he’s (she’s?) here to claim the island for nesting.  We’ll see…  I guess I’ll call this one Breeding Goose. 

Red-Winged Blackbird by Hard-Rain



Also, during our 9am Monday morning meeting we counted three male Red-Winged Blackbirds at the backyard feeders.  Isn’t this a lovely photo by Hard-Rain?

Read more about the coming Spring at the Audubon blog:  http://jamestownaudubon.wordpress.com/2008/03/03/spring-fever-sets-in/

7 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. Both photos are great! The heavy underbrush just up the road is simply loaded with Red-wings now. It’s so good to hear them again!

  2. You know your remark about her claiming the island for nesting brings me back to a thought I pondered last spring, too.
    Do those geese in shopping malls choose the “islands” in the sea of blacktop as if it were a large, black lake?
    It always disturbs me to see one nesting where cars drive past on all sides, while the entire huge grassy bank is left available to all!

  3. Oh, wonderful – the red-wing blackbirds are back – spring must be on the way. Here in Toronto, we’ve been out watching water birds lately – scaups and longtails and buffelheads and mergansers – but I thought it was too early for the others. Perhaps I’ll head out to visit some marshland this weekend…

  4. Hi Jennifer –

    I was wondering if you wanted to trade links? I write for The Nature of Things blog.(nature.lohudblogs.com).

    We’re in the Hudson Valley, just north of NYC.

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