Dogwood DripsSchool in Jamestown was cancelled today because of an ice storm that coated everything.  The roads were clear and salted and proved to be no problem at all.  But because so many students walk to school, and since they do not salt the sidewalks…  School was cancelled.

I was excited about getting to work early and planned to take a walk before going to the office – to get some photos of the lovely gem-like coating…  EncasedI drove the 9 miles to work and within a mile of the Center, the ice disappeared.  There was nothing at the Center!

Lucky me, it didn’t warm up enough to melt the ice and I was able to snap a few shots when I got home and took the dog for a walk.

I wish I understood my camera better.  I took over 70 shots and never did capture the sparkling beauty of the icy landscape.  Any suggestions from you photographers out there would be appreciated, especially on these shots of the landscapes.  I just couldn’t get the sparkle!  (Click on them for a larger view.)

Landscape   Another Landscape

The sparkles show a little better on the right… But it’s still not what my eyes saw… (Or is this another case where I was seeing with my mind, not my eyes?)

9 thoughts on “Ice!

  1. YAY, first comment! Our school was canceled also! Those are some amazing pictures, I was just playing outside with our puppy Oliver and I noticed that there was about an inch of ice under the inch of snow!

  2. It is really hard to get the sparkle … at least in my opinion. It seems the sparkle only really sparkles when one is looking towards the sun … and that’s not particularly good for photo ops.

    I like your picture #2!

  3. I have the same frustrations.
    Though, as you ask, I’ve looked back over shots I’ve taken here and find my best “sparkle” in those taken with AV mode that I use aperture 20 or better. Maybe the reduction of general light accentuates those areas better?

    That shot of the icy treed landscape is beautiful, even if not as grand as in person!

  4. If they’re bright sparkles, you might try underexposing, or boosting contrast in your photo editor of choice. Not very likely to get much noticeable sparkle in a wide-angle landscape, though, unless the lighting is pretty extreme – each sparkle is just too small to be made much of. Your last photo shows the ice very nicely, I think, but I’d crop out all of the sky & foreground (make it a landscape format rather than portrait) so the ice is more visible. Both of your closeups are lovely – brrr!

  5. Yeah, Jennifer, I’ll just echo the rest and say try dialing your exposure compensation down a few stops and see what happens! Expose for the sparkle, not the whole scene. The shots that you have captured are still beautiful. Using a large aperture with a shallow depth of field would also give an images some sparkle, although this might not be exactly what you are trying to capture. Check out this photo that I just uploaded:

  6. This is where I go for “virtual serenity.” Your photos are so lovely! I always want to put on a coat and walk into one of them.

    What kind of camera are you using? I recently got a Canon G9 and need to spend some time with the manual.

    We had rain down here (MD). No snow. No ice. Just water, water everywhere. Needed it though. Still catching up from last summer’s drought.

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