More Ice!

Crystalline TearsI managed to get out into the woods again today before the combination of sun and wind knocked most of the ice off the trees.  How much more supple the branches were once they were freed from the ice!  I tried some of your suggestions (thank you!) and am pretty pleased with some of my shots… Though I still feel as though many are just lucky shots more than results of any expertise on my part!  Ha ha!

This one could have been crisper, but I liked how the fallen ice lies on top of the snow – shattered into pieces like broken glass.

As usual, though, I had more fun with the closeup photos:

Drip 02I watched a couple of drops fall from this mini-icicle.  I wasn’t clever enough to capture a photo with the water droplet in midair.  Maybe next time…

There were plenty of plants completely encased in ice:

Frozen Brambles

Frozen QAL 03

These last two days of living in a crystal wonderland have been so beautiful.  Most of the ice is gone now after temperatures today in the upper 40s and plenty of sunshine (at least for a few hours).  Tomorrow?  They’re predicting up to 10 inches of a “wintery mix.”  That should be fun.

10 thoughts on “More Ice!

  1. I’m enjoying seeing you have fun with the ice and getting some pretty cool shots! This is almost the last hurrah for your favorite season.

  2. These are wonderful. I’ve been working on the same here in Ohio, but without such results. But your posting has given me the idea that perhaps cropping and zooming some of my pictures will yield better results. I’m too focused on an entire branch when it seems I should be focused on a single frozen bit.

  3. I love your close up ice pictures. It’s hard loving winter in March, isn’t it? There isn’t much support from your peers–you have to do the snow dances quietly and in private.

  4. Beautiful Ice photos, thanks for sharing. Noticed your posts and links to cornell.
    I am in the proccess (sssllllooowwwlllllyyy much to slowly) taking the cornell bird biology class right now..

  5. Wasn’t that ice just gorgeous. Your close up shots are beautiful. Been reading your blog but I think this is my first time commenting. I’m still learning a lot about my camera also.

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