New Template – What do you think?

I wanted a two-column, fixed-width template that would allow me to post the “medium” sized pictures from Flickr without having to resize them.  I found only 2 in WordPress.  Of the two, I preferred this one.

I wish I could control the font for the titles…  “Large caps” doesn’t float my boat… But other than that, I’m fairly pleased with the look and feel…

I plan to spend some time going through and cleaning up this blog a bit… 

tree well

17 thoughts on “New Template – What do you think?

  1. I was using this one on my blog, and then I realized it was also on the birdQUIZ, I used something different and then realized it was not working for I needed it to do. (NBN) I resorted to copying again and changed it to the one mon@rch is using!

  2. The popularity of WordPress has led to the increase in themes out there on the market. There are themes that are niche based and there are themes that are a bit more general in nature. The design should be related to your content and chosen based on your demographic. This is a good theme.

  3. I think it looks great! don’t you think with the thousands and thousands of blogs that wordpress host . . . they would give us a few more options?

  4. This was one of the two I liked when setting up my blog, too. Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and buy the CSS upgrade for my own. I think it looks good here, though, and I like the new header image. 🙂

  5. I love the new format. Maybe soon I can post pictures of wildflowers and the gardens at Audubon. I hope I have time. You’re a great inspiration. Ann Beebe

  6. I like the new header — just right for the season. In checking with a professional photographer about the sparkle problem ,I was told you can (A) stop down and expose for the sparkle, i.e. f20,22 etc. or (B) get a Star filter that comes in different grades and will bring out the sparkle. In some cases you just have to experiment with the exposure — but it can be done..

  7. I like the header and the feel of it, it’s clean and simple, easy to read and follow.
    Even if you put neon fonts or crazy graphics I’ll be following you, I like the contents and the pics 🙂

  8. I miss your blogroll–are you planning to bring it back, or do you prefer the cleaner style in the sidebar?
    (I always check out new blogs based on what bloggers I follow are reading–)

  9. I like it, but then again, it’s the same theme I use for my blog 🙂 Although I did spring for the custom CSS upgrade so I can change things pretty much to my heart’s content. Your new banner is great too!

    The star filter is an interesting idea for popping the ice sparkles. Personally I’d rather add such an effect in photoshop since it’s much easier to control the amount of the effect there than in a glass filter.

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