I never knew such a thing existed!  Sarah found it in a glass of water in her house.


It’s called a Pseudoscorpion (Dactylochelifer copiosus) and it’s really not so eww…  In fact, it is actually quite helpful in your home as it preys on clothes moth larvae, carpet beetle larvae, booklice, ants, mites, and small flies.

DSCN3207It’s just a tiny little thing… this one was between 4 and 5 mm.  Sarah put it in a petrie dish and under the microscope.  I took the picture using a Nikon Coolpix camera right through the microscope.

Isn’t that cool?

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13 thoughts on “Eww!

  1. Uhmmm… now could you be a bit more specific about the origin of this glass of water? Was this one she got straight from the tap? In which case I probably will never drink water again (only coconut milk straight out of a coconut)…

    Ech that’s one horrible lookin’ critter. And in a glass of water, to boot.


  2. Mungo – she had finished drinking the water she wanted and claims it definitely was not in there while drinking! She left the glass and when she finally went to put it in the sink, that’s when she found it.

    Monarch – we will definitely be trying more of the microscoping shots when we start dipping stuff out of the pond this spring!

    Adam – thanks! It’s pretty easy to do. I don’t know how well it would work with my DSLR. But with the little point and shoot, it worked great.

    Hedgewitch – welcome! Thanks for visiting.

  3. At work, I used a scope-mounted camera and this fancy-schmancy computer monitor it’s hooked up to… A whole lotta silliness (or ineptitude on my part), given the quality of your picture here!

    Nice blog…

  4. Jennifer,

    Very Cool. In Ohio, my co-worker is canvassing the state to look for creatures just like this one- in caves. I’d actually never seen a picture either, but have heard plenty about them. I wonder how many millions of pseudo-scorpions are drank by unsuspecting thirsty people every year?


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