Bodies Know

Spring, You Crack Me Up!I checked my Sit Spot Journal…  As early as March 1st I was already complaining of fatigue.  Did I listen?  Did I turn that into changed behavior?  No!  I continued to work my 40 hours per week, take care of family and friends, do my Sit Spot challenge, host a cast party, go see a play that started at 8pm when my regular bedtime is 9pm, drive 8 hours to pick up my daughter, etc., etc., etc…

This week, I pay.  My body said, “I know how to make you listen!  Take this!”  And on came the chills and fever.  “And that!”  Wracking cough.  Stuffy head.  “And a little bit of this!”  Runny nose.

And so, my colleagues are covering for me at work.  And I’m sleeping a lot.

If only I had listened before it got to this…

14 thoughts on “Bodies Know

  1. Jennifer-

    Are you getting the flu? I had it- look out, it can really wallop you! Stay home and get healthy, hope you feel well soon!


  2. Sorry you’re feeling so lousy–but don’t be so hard on yourself.
    Chances are, that bug was out there looking for a nice warm body, and you came along at the right time.

    I like the pictures you’ve gotten with your rented lens. What a smart idea?!

  3. If only we would listen more often to what our bodies AND spirits tell us! Take some Oregano oil, extra Vitamin C, sleep LOTS and get better soon!

  4. Jennifer,

    I had the flu earlier, despite getting a flu shot. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Even if you’d taken the best of care of yourself doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have gotten this. Take care and get well soon!

    Carolyn H.

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