Tundra Swans

When you arrive at work in the morning and hear a gentle cooing coming from the ponds, you know the Tundra Swans are there.  We’ve had several over the weekend, and again this morning.


Tundra Swan MapThey’re just passing through, of course.  On their way to the Arctic to breed, their appearance signals spring.

Tundra Swans (Cygnus columbianus) were once called Whistling Swans (North American) and Bewick’s Swans (Eurasian).  Recent studies have caused ornithologists to lump these two together into a single species.

These aren’t the first swans I’ve seen this season.  I saw a V go over on March 9th.  This flock, though, was very distracting all day today.  I even had to go out at lunch to take a picture!

I wonder if any of the swans in my picture above are the same as the ones that Dave Cooney shot last fall:

5 thoughts on “Tundra Swans

  1. Glad that you are back at work – you must be feeling better. Those swans are enough to raise your spirits. Isn’t it marvelous how nature affects our outlook on life?

  2. Katie and I saw a flock of tundra geese land near Tom’s Point in Chautauqua Lake on Wednesday, March 12th. We thought they were called snow geese. Shucks, what do a couple of musicians know about geese?

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