Fungi Book

Winter Fungi Book Cover


OK, this is the last time you have to hear about this…  I finally put the finishing touches on the Winter Fungi book that I self-published.

You can order your millions of copies by clicking on the photo of the cover at left.

I promise I’ll never mention this again.

Bodies Know

Spring, You Crack Me Up!I checked my Sit Spot Journal…  As early as March 1st I was already complaining of fatigue.  Did I listen?  Did I turn that into changed behavior?  No!  I continued to work my 40 hours per week, take care of family and friends, do my Sit Spot challenge, host a cast party, go see a play that started at 8pm when my regular bedtime is 9pm, drive 8 hours to pick up my daughter, etc., etc., etc…

This week, I pay.  My body said, “I know how to make you listen!  Take this!”  And on came the chills and fever.  “And that!”  Wracking cough.  Stuffy head.  “And a little bit of this!”  Runny nose.

And so, my colleagues are covering for me at work.  And I’m sleeping a lot.

If only I had listened before it got to this…

Lens Rental

RandG_029I learned in this post from Tom that it is possible to rent lenses.  It never occured to me to think about it!  When Bob asked me to take pictures of his show, I knew I couldn’t with the kit lens that came with my camera.  So I went to, read all the reviews, and decided to rent the Canon 85mm f1.8.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with most of the shots I got.  Next time, though, I think I will try the Canon 50mm f1.4.  I love that I can try these lenses out without having to buy!  This is fabulous!  (I still need to learn more about Photoshop to adjust a few things… But hey…  One step at a time!)

I think I’ll rent a macro lens for wildflower season… and a zoom lens for dragonfly season…

See more photos from Jamestown Community College’s production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at my Flickr site, here.

Procrastination Game

I read about it here.

Posted TreeThe Rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

There are probably many answers.  Maybe there is not enough wind in tropical forests, or not enough animals in northern forests.  Perhaps there are fewer animals in northern forests simply because the trees don’t offer nectar rewards because they use the wind.


  1. Do you know what book my quote comes from?
  2. Do you want to play (/procrastinate)?

Eastern Bunny

Eastern Cottontail by NorthLight on FlickrWhile there are two species of rabbits and two species of hares that can be found in the Great Lakes Region, there is only one that is found where I live: the Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus). We see them regularly at Audubon. In fact, people see them in their yards and gardens throughout their range which stretches east of the Rockies from southern Canada down through Mexico wherever habitat is appropriate. Eastern Cottontails like areas where there are plenty of herbaceous plants to eat and plenty of shrubs or brush piles to provide shelter.

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I never knew such a thing existed!  Sarah found it in a glass of water in her house.


It’s called a Pseudoscorpion (Dactylochelifer copiosus) and it’s really not so eww…  In fact, it is actually quite helpful in your home as it preys on clothes moth larvae, carpet beetle larvae, booklice, ants, mites, and small flies.

DSCN3207It’s just a tiny little thing… this one was between 4 and 5 mm.  Sarah put it in a petrie dish and under the microscope.  I took the picture using a Nikon Coolpix camera right through the microscope.

Isn’t that cool?

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