Happy Arbor Day!

Audubon CenterThe last Friday in April is officially National Arbor Day.  In honor of the day, I give you Amelanchier arborea.  “What’s that?” you say.  Well…  Let me tell you!

In the middle of the sidewalk approach to the Nature Center building there is a little landscaped garden box.  In the middle of the garden box is a tree… a small tree… that was in full bloom today.  It has many, common names including Serviceberry (supposedly because the blooms coincide with funeral services in the spring???  another source claims an old name “Sarvis”???) and Shadbush (because it blooms when the shad are running upstream).  Both of my tree guides, however, refer to it as Juneberry, because the flowers will set to berries that ripen in June.

Allegany Serviceberry

The berries will be edible…  if you can get to them before the birds and other critters do!  I’ve eaten them right off the tree.  The flavor is mild and pleasant.  If you can gather enough, you can make pie or jam!

And, I can’t resist posting this photo of my daughter from her trip to Costa Rica.  She is pictured here on the day that every student got to plant a tree in the rain forest.  How cool is that?

Planting Trees

So there you have it!  Happy Arbor Day!  Plant a tree.  Celebrate a tree.  Hug a tree.  Climb a tree.  Eat something that came from a tree.  Appreciate trees!


5 thoughts on “Happy Arbor Day!

  1. I always forget when Arbor Day is – thanks for the reminder!

    Oh, and a cute shot of your daughter – glad she’s trying to reverse the clear cutting of the rain forests!

  2. This tree is also gorgeous in the fall. I heard Serviceberry because when the blooms came out, the ground was thawed enough for burials. I think I like Juneberry better!

  3. I also meant to say thanks for posting this. I am trying to choose which cultivar to buy and I am having trouble finding many photos that give a good idea of size and bloom type.

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