Dragon Season Begins

I’ve been seeing Common Green Darners for weeks – migrants, back from the south.

Common Green Darner - Female Teneral Closeup

And lots of Eastern Forktails emerging all over the place – locals, all…  travelling not far from their birth ponds. Perhaps other forktail species, too. I haven’t looked that closely, yet.

Eastern Forktail by Jeremy Martin


It surprised me, though, to see this teneral on the bark of a tree on a cool day quite far from water.

Mystery Dragon

I think it is a Beaverpond Baskettail.  I’ve asked my dragonfly-expert friend Jeremy for confirmation.  He agrees with the Baskettail part, but is unwilling to commit to what kind.  I should have taken a shot of the terminal appendage for positive ID.  Oh well.  I’m sticking with Beaverpond, just because my field guide shows them just a tiny bit earlier in May than Common.

Mystery Dragon

If it is a Beaverpond Baskettail, the eyes will slowly get blue as the newly emerged dragon ages. Once I get confirmation, I guess I’ll start posting to my Odes blog, too. A Nature Nerd’s job is never done…

7 thoughts on “Dragon Season Begins

  1. Those are some great pictures. They are so amazingly intricate and detailed. It blows the mind to think how long it took by natural selection to come up with those colors and designs.

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