More Experiments with the 70-300

I’m thinking I could like this lens, though it will take me some more practice, and some coaching, to understand all the features and idiosyncrasies…

Aging Trillium
The white Large-flowered Trillium turns pink as it ages.


Maple Leaves
Fresh Maple leaves look as “teneral” as a new dragonfly’s wings.


Familiar Silhouette
Do you recognize this proud fellow?  He and his friends gave my Lolli quite a lecture as we came through the woods.


These new Christmas Ferns will be a darker, hardened green by Christmas…

I’m still planning to rent the 100-400 for comparison, though.

6 thoughts on “More Experiments with the 70-300

  1. It looks like you’re getting some nice results! I’d really like to get some photography lessons some time so I could get better results. I really like the color and light you captured with the leaves.

  2. Yes, it look to me like you could like it, too!
    I toy with the idea of getting something more–just don’t know how to resolve the size issues.
    I don’t want to be weighted down and have to carry multiple bags whenever I go out.
    Sometimes, even now, I envy those with the point and shoot that fits in the pocket.
    How does it all seem?
    Bulky or cumbersome at all?

  3. I have a 70 – 300 and if I can get it to focus for me it’s great.
    It is a manual focus so sometimes my shots are not great.
    your photos here look good

  4. That 70 –300 lens is a dandy. It is allowing you to get some real exquisite photos — sharp, good exposure, and with excellent color saturation. I can appreciate your feelings about this lens — go no further if you can manage to carry an extra lens.

    Since it is impossible for one lens to fit all situations — having two that will cover most needs doesn’t seem like a bad option. One can always carry the extra lens in a small fanny pack where it can be in reserve yet readily accessible should the need arise– as it will sooner or later.

    PS. Is that a crow scolding you ??

  5. Like your new format.
    Advantages of the 100-400 is its a stop faster and reaches a little farther. Disadvantage, it weighss a ton.


  6. Looks like you’re getting good results from the 70-300. I rented the 100-400 once. It’s a nice lens, especially for bird photography – I see a lot of them in the popular birdy locations here. It is in an entirely different league in terms of size and weight, though! Being an ‘L’ lens, color and contrast should be a bit better. I wound up getting the 300mm f/4L IS (and a 1.4x converter) – a little smaller/lighter than the 100-400, and it’s surprisingly good for flowers too, especially if you toss an extension tube into the mix.

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