Gone Fishin’

Painted TrilliumRemember how easy it was for Tom (aka Mon@rch) to talk me into owl banding instead of housework?  (Click here for full story.)  Well, today, I was supposed to go hunting – for new jeans and some grown-up shoes to wear with skirts and dresses.  Yuck.  I hate shopping.

So when Terry suggested a walk in the gorge to go fishing, how could I resist?  Perhaps I’d see some different wildflowers?  Maybe I could try a few more shots with (the other) Terry’s 70-300mm lens?  (Ha ha… I carried that lens in my backpack all morning and never put it on the camera…)

Miterwort CloseupI did see some flowers… which I have seen this season… but hadn’t had a chance to photograph.  There were LOTS of Painted Trillium, and only a few white (Large-flowered) and red (aka purple) ones.  The breeze stopped just long enough to get a fairly good closeup of a tiny little flower called Miterwort, too.  There were Wood Anemone, Hobblebush, and other small trees in flower, as well.

Enormous Scary Spider Closeup



I pushed past my aversion to spiders to photograph this scary fellow.

But the main thing is, I went fishing!  Here I am with my proud first catch:

I Caught One

I had to throw that one back, because it was kinda little.  Later, though, I caught a much larger one which I’m about to try to cook up for supper.

When I was little, I used to fish off the end of a dock in Chautauqua Lake all the time.  We would catch perch and sunfish.  This was my first time fishing for trout in a stream.  I loved it.

Aren’t I lucky to have such great friends who distract me from the yucky things in life?  Housework, shopping – ewww!  Owl-banding, fishing – Yeah!

Post-dinner update:  Oh my god, was that ever tasty!

12 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. I snapped a couple pictures of our mitrewort yesterday, but only the whole inflorescence – without a macro attachment for my lens, I can’t get nearly close enough. So it’s nice to see what I’m missing!

    Congrats on your first trout. Now you can put your entymological know-how to good use in tying flies. I’m sure you need a new hobby. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve never been terribly fond of the Garland theme, but I like what you’ve done with it so far – it’s growing on me. The “Through the Year” photo series is a nice feature.

  2. You sure have the right priorities! Glad to hear you got your first trout. Good going! Our season opens Saturday here and so I’ll be doing the same thing, although I might take a break to find some morels too.

  3. I’m with you … housework/yardwork/whatever can wait if there is an adventure to be had!

    I took a spider pic today too … mine was also missing a leg. Perhaps it is in vogue in the spider world?

    Enjoy that trout dinner. Mmmmm! Nothing like it if it’s fresh!!!!

  4. Should you wish to do some REAL sport fishing ,not that using a spinning outfit will keep you from going to heaven, look into fly fishing for trout where you can put your entomological and naturalist skills to good use and maybe you can even graduate to tying your own flies, as Dave above suggests.

    Nice brown trout.

  5. Last April, I took a fly-tying workshop:

    My friend, Sue, even loaned me a fly rod and we made promises with each other to go fly fishing. A year has past and we haven’t been able to find any time that works for both of us. For me, though, I guess there is just something satisfying – and nostalgic – about plopping a worm in the water. (It’s just so easy… ) Maybe I’ll get to the fly fishing, someday…

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