The Best Part of My Job

It’s That Time of Year.  The time when every school group needs a field trip, and every scout troop wants an outing to earn one more badge, and the after school nature programs are in full swing.  It’s hectic.  And it’s my favorite time of year.

Here are some examples of what kids should be doing after school… with or without an organized After School Program!

Carson, Luke, Travis, and Cameron dip for Wood Frog Eggs
Searching for Wood Frog Eggs

Counting Bird Eggs
Counting Bird Eggs

Holding a Baby House Sparrow
Holding Baby Birds  (They’re just House Sparrows!)

My job involves quite a bit of administration.  But at this time of year, I squeeze that in between the school and scout and after school groups.  I love bringing a bunch of kids back to the center covered in mud!

4 thoughts on “The Best Part of My Job

  1. I would love to take our students on a field trip to your Center. Alas, it’s much too long a drive =( I’m glad you are sharing with other children, though. People and places like you and yours are vital to a child’s (and adult’s) education! I’m glad you share through your blog, too. I really enjoy learning with you…

  2. I love children this age. They all look like they are having a great time and hopefully they will be impacted by their nature experience for a lifetime.

  3. This is just the kind of thing I used to do in my spare time when I was a kid… sad to see that my younger siblings have hit the computers instead. I think what you’re doing is great, city kids really need to get out and see that there is a fantastic world outside the television screen, too.

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