Wobbly Goose is Back

Wobbly Goose

I guess you could say that Wobbly is our pet goose.  She (he?) showed up a couple of years ago as a gosling that could not stand or walk very well.  Her original name was less charitable:  Turtle Bait.  But Sarah took over care of the poor crippled gosling and taught it to stand upright, instead of lying on her back with feet in the air.  She stays with us each winter, eating bird seed – sometimes right out of a cup.  She’s very bow-legged and even steps on her own feet when walking, sometimes…  So I came up with the name “Wobbly Goose”.

Goose Family

When the breeding geese come back to town, they chase Wobbly away from the backyard.  Sometimes we know where she goes, other times, it’s a mystery.  A few days ago, she showed up again, and for the most part the breeding geese seem to be leaving her alone.

Why this goose is still alive, I really don’t know.  But she is a joy to have.  The kids can get very close to her and she doesn’t seem to mind, though she does have her limits.  She will hiss if you get TOO, TOO close.

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