Allegany Nature Pilgrimage – Bloggers’ Meet

Saturday, May 31, 2008 – Allegany Nature Pilgrimage – Bloggers’ Meet

A few days before the Pilgrimage, through emails and blog postings, we attempted to get folks who blog to agree to meet up at the Big Tent on Saturday at dinner for a Bloggers’ Meet.  Here is the group we managed to connect with:

Jeremy, me, Linda, Toni, and Tom

You can read their versions of the weekend by clicking below:

I’m sure there were other bloggers out there.  Maybe next year, we should offer a Bloggers’ Forum as one of the Pilgrimage programs? Bloggers could swap stories. Blogger-wanna-bees could pick our brains…

This concludes my series of posts about the Pilgrimage.  Hope to see you at Allegany next year!

2 thoughts on “Allegany Nature Pilgrimage – Bloggers’ Meet

  1. Before the Pilgrimage I didn’t really know what the Pilgrimage was all about except for the brochure with the titles of the walks you could go on and through second hand accounts from previous posts from people that have gone before. Now that I know, I’ll make sure I get in on a lot more programs. I have an awful lot to learn! My husband and I really enjoyed our time there and visiting Allegany State Park is very much worth the drive and the gas money to visit. It was really great to meet blog people with similar interests! Maybe there should be a bloggers photo contest of photos taken while at the Pilgrimage next time just for fun to encourage nature photography. There were so many great photos posted in everyones blogs.

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