While camping at Timbercrest, I noticed a lot of dragons and damsels flying near the lake.  After bird banding (and a shower) I decided to take my net and see what I could catch.  I caught few, but observed many.  The full report is at my Odonata Blog.  Here are a few pictures of the ones I could catch, or that I could get close enough to…

Dragon in the GrassI’m pretty sure this one is the Lancet Clubtail female. The males are infuriatingly fast. They kept landing in the grass and on the road, but would not let me get close enough to net them. I had the same problem last year. One of these days…



The baskettails were much more friendly.  I caught several of them.

Common Baskettail

My favorite of all has to be the Calico Pennant.  They are very easy to catch, and were quite plentiful at the lake on this sunny, breezy afternoon.

Calico Pennant Male

4 thoughts on “Dragons

  1. I didn’t know that some were hard to catch. They seem to come so close when we are fishing. I’m going to really watch out for the dragonflies this year while fishing and try to identify them. (they land on my rod tip sometimes) Great photos!

  2. Fabulous shots! I am in AWE of dragonflies!
    You have a wonderful site here!! I can see I will be learning a lot by reading your blog!

    I posted some dragon fly pics today…and a shot of a critter that I am not familiar with. If you get a chance, maybe you could hop over and tell me what you think it is.

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