Cut Short by the Rain

A misty, warm morning that promised rain… Not the best for bird banding… Still, Tom opened the nets at 5:40am as scheduled.  The first net check was delayed by a drizzle.  Once that passed, we got back on schedule.

Just after the first net check, a small group arrived from Audubon to look on as Tom and J quickly processed several birds.  The Cushmans from Michigan arrived shortly after that.  Here are a few highlights:

Blue-winged Warbler:
Blue-winged Warbler

And the Closeup:
Blue-winged Warbler Closeup

Judy Releases the Warbler:
Judy Releases the Blue-winged Warbler - Denny watches

Field Sparrow Youngsters:
Field Sparrow Youngsters

Linda and Judy release the sparrows:Linda and Judy Release Sparrows

Song Sparrow:
Song Sparrow

Tom Takes an Avian Bird Flu Sample:
Taking the Avian Flu Sample

Gray Catbird:
Gray Catbird

By far, the most exciting catch of the day was a new warbler for me, the Canada Warbler.

Canada Warbler

Canada Warbler Range MapAccording to the Cornell All About Birds website, this bird is one of the last warblers to arrive on the breeding ground in the spring and one of the first to depart in the fall.  We are in the southern part of the breeding range.

Isn’t that a pretty little bird?


Tom watched the storm approach on his Blackberry and decided to call it quits at around 9:30am.  Here’s what the radar looked like by the time I got home:


The red bits of that storm blob over Cattaraugus County must have hit the banding station just moments after we were safely packed into our vehicles and heading home.  As I type now, it is sunny and fine…  Gotta love weather in Western New York!  I’m sure if we had been able to stay, that Scarlet Tanager that was flitting around in the trees would have made it into one of our nets!  Maybe next time…

Thanks, Tom, for another great day of banding!  Click below for Tom’s version of the day:

9 thoughts on “Cut Short by the Rain

  1. Wow! That was fast posting! We stopped in Randolph for coffee and it just poured. Thank goodness we were inside. Then it poured again on the way to Jamestown, but when we pulled in to the Park-N-Ride, it had stopped.
    I was as wet as I ever remember being, but it was a good day. What could be wrong with a day that you get to hold a gorgeous little bird in your hand? Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  2. That’s a great post Jen! All your photos are wonderful. I just love Canada Warblers! and they have such a great name LOL!

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    As for our weather? Well, you know what they say about weather in Western New York: if you don’t like the current weather, wait five minutes, it will change.

  4. Your bird banding reports make me want to drive to western new york and experience it. Maybe next year. Keep the posts coming, it’s the next best thing to being there.

  5. I love the twin sparrows.

    It’s always fun when you and Tom blog the same day/trip/event. I love the two points of view and extra pictures.

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