First Day of Camp

I love Day Camp.  Today our group found about a bazillion things.  The five best things were:

  1. The Short-headed Garter Snake.
  2. The Giant Waterbug that was eating a Water Boatman.
  3. The Red fungus with the yellow underside that turned bluish-purple when you poked it.
  4. The mink that ran across the trail ahead of us.
  5. And this amazing Leopard Frog that is missing a front leg:

Leopard Frog

4 thoughts on “First Day of Camp

  1. Great photo of the poor frog. Was it an accident or is it due to pesticides?

    Day camp sounds like a lot of fun but very educational.

  2. I”m not sure about how this frog ended up minus one leg. To us it looked like he’s always been that way. It didn’t look like a recent injury…

  3. That is an amazing frog! Did you find more? This picture reminds me of the book, Tracking the Vanishing Frogs by Kathyrn Phillips and other books about malformed frogs.

  4. You guys must be really quick–I’ve never been quick enough to catch one of those frogs when I see them.
    Do you have Day Camps for adults? I would like to attend. 🙂

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