Blogging for Bucks

Turtle Pond WestI’ve been approached to join a blogging network that facilitates the placement of ads on your blog.  So, I’m curious…

  1. Do you read any blogs that have ads on them?
  2. If yes, which ones?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. If my blog suddenly started showing up with ads, would you still read it?

I know there are a lot of readers out there that don’t comment, but I’d really love to have you comment on this one!  Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Blogging for Bucks

  1. Ads are irrelevant as long as I can ignore them. Ads that pop up in your face before you can read a post or that interfere with navigating around the site would drive me away.

  2. I have mixed feeling on this subject. I do read two blogs that now have ads and I read them because I had followed those authors for a couple of years before they initiated the ads. The ads are distracting though.

    I would continue to read yours if the ads didn’t become too intrusive knowing that you would probably only permit ones in good taste.

    I personally have considered ads of a sort of sponsorship nature which might give me a few more bucks for traveling to new areas to explore, photograph and write about.

    Lets face it, good blogging does have some costs associated with it.

  3. I use Firefox with the Adblock addon so for the most part I do not see any advertising on the Internet. Your nature blog is always very enjoyable to me, so it would not make a difference. Please continue your wonderful blog no matter what you decide.

  4. I read blogs with ads on them, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell you what was on those ads…Most of the time I see ads as background to a blog, and I don’t pay any attention. And yes, I would still read your blog if there were ads!

  5. To ad or not to ad ?? It all depends how much the reader will be distracted from the bait ( the blog) and is hooked (by the ad).

    Ads will certainly distract from the blog,like billboards on a scenic drive — but as long as they do not distract too much then I see no problem . Since I seldom read ads,a few tasteful ones,over which you probably will have no control,will not keep me away. I will continue to visit your blog because of its intrinsic worth.

  6. That’s a tough one.
    If it were anyone else asking, my answer would be easy, “I hate ads.”
    Unless the advertisement is for a non-profit, I feel their presence, especially on sites with a heavy visual component, muddies the content.

    But, it’s your call.
    I’ll still visit.

  7. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I, too, have mixed feelings about it… I’m not one to make quick decisions, so don’t expect any quick-changes here…

    Thank you!

  8. I suppose the question really is, where would the money go to? If I could have ads where all the money went to my organization and that money went to conservation, then I would consider putting them on my blog.


  9. Just curious, was the solicitation from The Adventurist? I was recently contacted (via my About page) to join their blogging team and move my blog over to their address/site. I too have been giving it a bit of thought but think if I was to do such a thing it would have to be for a website or organization I believe strongly in. I notice Skinny Moose Media (The Adventurist’s association) is very big into hunting/fishing, which isn’t really my thing.

    I would be okay with ads on my blog as long as they were products or companies that are in line with my interests and beliefs (even if I don’t actually use them myself), and they were relatively discrete. Very few of the sites I read have ads, but one who recently switched to it is – she had a post about her decision to do so, but I can’t find it now. In any case, I think hers is an example of tasteful advertising.

  10. I can easily ignore ads when I am busy learning. Extra money helps. I also love the aesthetics of looking at your blog without ads, but they wouldn’t bother me. I just love learning from your blog. Ann

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