Drove Right By It…

Bent Run 5… more times than I can remember.  Never even saw it…  When a colleague suggested I take the teens there on our annual Teen Treks program and he described where it was, I was incredulous…  There’s nothing there!  I’m sure of it!

Pff… I was wrong.  The Bent Run Waterfall Area is right across the road from Kinzua Dam’s “Big Bend Overlook” area.  There is a little pull-off on the cliff side of the road and a sign.

The trail is difficult and steep, but the views are spectacular.  For locals reading this, think of Panama Rocks (well, maybe the rocks aren’t quite that big) – but with waterfalls…  Spectacular!

Bent Run 3

More photos here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniferschlick/sets/72157606151894489/

 Makes me wonder how many other natural beauties I drive right by without noticing!

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