Your Help is Needed

Please add Tom (aka mon@rch) to your prayer list.  It seems he has left blog-o-mania to join World-of-Warcraft-mania.  Have you noticed his lack of blog posts lately? Had the obsession already started back on July 5th when this photo was taken?

Come back to us, Tom.  We miss you.

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16 thoughts on “Your Help is Needed

  1. Like so many,I am deeply saddened to learn that the Mon@rch blog has been sidetracked for involvement with a video game, of all things. Burnout and substitution knows no favorites.

    It is so scary reading the warnings about becoming obsessed with W.o.W. ,which in truth can become an internet drug. Because of this, professional help may be needed to break the addiction so he can get back to his nature blog, that is such a source of enjoyment and learning for so many people, young and old alike.

  2. Poor Mr. Tom. I have heard of this terrible disease. It seems to be an epidemic.

    @Cestoady: I doubt that Mr. Tom is actually addicted to the game. Give it time. All things will pass…or become boring…or just burn up in the computer’s drive.

  3. scienceguy288: I hope you are right. Addicted may have been a bit strong —- after reading what may take place with an obsession to this “game” ,addiction seemed like a proper characterization of what may be a part of this “disease”,as you put it. .

  4. OMG! I’ve been missing Tom’s posts but thought he’d only been run over by a truck. I had no idea his condition was this serious. Thanks for the heads up, Jen.

    Methinks intervention time is, indeed, at hand.

  5. Interesting. I was noticing the lack of posts from Tom. Me being a Tom myself, I think I can relate. Summer for me is so involved with work and the field season, that when I come home, I find it hard to write and take photographs of nature type stuff because I’ve already been doing it for 8-10 hours that day. Possibly Tom just needs a diversion from nature. And possibly he needs a few of us to do some guest posts while he is away?


  6. I did see him on Saturday and will see him again Monday. He appears normal and claims to be having fun. He did mention that one thing that would definitely get him to blog would be if we caught a Great-Crested Flycatcher in the nets. So put that energy out there!

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