Dragonfly Eggs

One of the most common searches causing hits on my blog is “dragonfly eggs” which takes readers to this post.  Today, I wanted to show you some pictures taken by Suzette A. Paduano, a high school classmate of mine, a Flickr Friend, and a fellow member of the Audubon’s Photography Club.

It was the June 12th meeting of Photo Club and I had been asked to lead a nature walk on the grounds for about 45-60 minutes before the actual meeting started.  I opted for the new Universal Trail, hoping to see snakes, frogs, etc.  We were not disappointed.  But the most amazing thing for me was the Baskettail performance.  We saw pairs in tandem and in the mating wheel… Then we watched this female:

Baskettail Eggs 1 by Suzette Paduano
Look carefully under the end of her abdomen in the picture above and you will see a small clump of golden-colored eggs.  As we watched, her whole body seemed to pump more eggs.  A couple of times during the process her abdomen arched upward:

Baskettail Eggs 2 by Suzette Paduano

Baskettail Eggs 3 by Suzette Paduano
It was fascinating to watch that clump of golden eggs grow and grow and grow.

Once she had a good big clump of eggs, she left her perch to fly over the water, tapping her heavy abdomen on the surface, releasing those eggs to sink to the bottom of the pond.

Thanks for sharing your photos, Suzette!  See more of Suzette’s photos by clicking links below:

10 thoughts on “Dragonfly Eggs

  1. Linda – it all depends on the species. Some DO lay their eggs in plant material near water – or in dead logs or something. But the Baskettails like to smack them on the surface and then let them sink down. When the blob gets down there, it will spread out into strings that resemble miniature toad eggs:

    Common Baskettail Eggs

  2. Fantastic photo’s and great info. I had been wondering about some of the ‘slapping’ action I have been witnessing. I presumed they were laying eggs but wasn’t sure, particularly when the action was in deeper water a bit further from the shore than most laid their eggs . Our pond has a thriving dragonfly/damselfly population and it has been very interesting watching the different habits of the specific species. Quite a learning experience.

  3. thanks so much for the great dragonfly egg photos. it confirms my suspicions as to what the dragonflies were doing dipping into our pool. I feel horrible knowing that she laid her eggs somewhere they will not hatch. Breaks my heart, so I set up a kiddie pool and made it like a pond and they have started laying eggs in there and the nymphs are great to watch!

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