Not Your Typical Bog

I tagged along with Jeff when he went to check out a nearby bog as a possible destination for our final week of Day Camp.  It was a strange bog…  It has a floating mat, but not many of the typical bog plants that you would expect to find… No Sundews or Pitcher Plants.  No Labrador Tea or Cranberries.  Here’s what we did find.  Hey, let’s make it a quiz – collective naturalizing – the way Tom sometimes does!









Truth is, I don’t know what some of them are myself!  Hoping for a little help from you all.

Good luck!  (Hey!  Give common names, too, for those of us who aren’t botanists!  Kay? Thanks!)

4 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Bog

  1. Gosh… I’m not sure I know any of them! Though that first one looks sort of familiar and there’s that other that looks like a peace lily.

    I’m not any help, am I?


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