Summer Fungi

White OnesI didn’t take my camera last Sunday when I walked a section of the Westside Overland Trail.  It was just as well, since it rained all the way out.  But as I look back on the hike, I wish I had taken the camera… or that I was as talented as Carolyn, or Toni, or Christine and could sketch, draw, or paint what I saw!

A Yellow OneWhat did I see?  Fungi.  More kinds than I have ever seen in one day in my life.  Orange ones.  Yellow ones.  Pink, purple, tan, red, brown, black, white…  Smooth ones.  Bumpy ones.  Curly ones.  Ones with gills, others without.  Shaped like cups.  Shaped like balls, parasols, fingers, cheetohs, potato chips…

I may have to make time to go back to that section of trail with the camera…  Quickly… before the fungi disappear…

 In the meantime, I took a walk in a nearby woods to see what might be “blooming” there.  I don’t know what any of them are…  But aren’t they gorgeous?

Orange Ones

White Coral Fungus

An Orange One

A Bunch of Orange Ones

10 thoughts on “Summer Fungi

  1. oh oh you just might have to do another book 🙂

    Now you got me interested in fungi and I’ll have to start looking down and up. Beautiful photos.

    As for the blog award for you, participate if you have time.

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