Cayuga Lake State Park

After the backpacking adventure, Emily and I headed east so that she could see her friends at college before heading off to Costa Rica for the semester.  Not wanting to spend exorbitant amounts of money on lodging, and having our car filled up with camping gear, we opted to stay at one of the NYS Parks:  Cayuga Lake State Park.  I made reservations ahead of time since it was the Labor Day Weekend…  $57 for 3 nights.  Not bad at all, since the B&B in town would be three times that amount for one night…

We arrived under clear skies and set up our tent, cooked dinner over my Pocket Rocket stove, ate, showered, then took a walk down by the lake.  We hit the mats pretty early and slept well.  It rained in the night and early morning. Here’s a shot from the driver’s seat of the car. Emily is still snoozing in the tent…

Coffee Perks in the Rain
What is that under the umbrella?

Nothing stops me from my morning coffee
Nothing keeps me from my morning coffee!  (Thank goodness there was no wind.)

Cayuga Lake State Park was clean, safe, and provided everything I needed for the weekend – a cheap place to sleep, a hot shower and a home base for my Finger Lakes explorations.  It is not my idea of camping, though it was for hundreds of families, all of whom obeyed the 10pm – 7am quiet time.  Campsites are a little close together for my taste, though most are separated by trees and bushes from the next site.  The biggest downside for me was that almost every family had its own campfire.  The air was thick with campfire smoke making it a little hard to breathe as we tried to go to sleep.

The funniest thing we saw:  Look at the top photo.  Behind and JUST to the right of the umbrella – all blurry and out of focus – is a car parked at a campsite on the other side of the road.  The building to the right is the bathhouse.  The person at that campsite (hidden completely behind my umbrella in the second photo) DROVE to the shower in the morning.  Emily and I were incredulous.  When we walked over for our morning ablutions, we decided to count the paces from her campsite to the shower:  63.  SIXTY THREE PACES!  AND SHE DROVE!!!  Still shaking my head about that…  Oh well… it WAS raining, after all.  Don’t want to get wet on your way to get wet…

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3 thoughts on “Cayuga Lake State Park

  1. Have you been able to get to the northern parks (Adirondack region)?
    Their sites are well-wooded and it feels as if you’re the only ones around.
    Sometimes it’s because you are!!

    I recommend Indian Lake.
    You would LOVE it–boat access only, though.

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