I have been increasingly dissatisfied with for my mail.  Stuff isn’t getting delivered:  to me, and from me.  It all seems to have happened when they “improved” their interface.

1 – Do you use  If so, are you experiencing recent trouble?

2 – If you don’t use, what email DO you use and how satisfied are you?

Much as I hate the idea of switching, I’m ready to switch!

10 thoughts on “email

  1. I use gmail for some stuff and it’s been fine. You might want to think about whether you’re comfortable having confidential email go there, but really, it’s not like any email is really private and secure.

  2. I’ve been using Gmail for a number of years and really like it. It catches spam and rarely does legitimate mail get put in the spam folder.

    Its interface takes some getting used to, but once you’ve learned how to live without folders, it’s all good.

  3. I didn’t even realize that Excite was still around… Gmail is the best of the free emails – the fact that you can see entire email strings instead of having to search for related emails was a wonderful update to email usability.

    And while you don’t have folders, you do have tags which function in a very similar way. Let me know if you want an invite (although I don’t know what good the invites are versus signing up yourself).

  4. I recently went from dial-up to DSL and started using Gmail. My only complaint is text size, what I consider normal they label “Huge”! Like Cedar Waxwing, once adjusted to the lack of folders, I like Gmail just fine.

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