Mission Accomplished!

The Westside Overland Trail is about 25 miles long and runs north-south through Chautauqua County.  While I have made day-hikes out of chunks of it, I have long dreamed of hiking the entire distance, sleeping at the two campsites along the way.  Well, I FINALLY did it last weekend!

Concetta and me!  At the beginning of our 3-day hike...
Concetta and me
Point S – The Beginning! (We hiked it backwards – from South to North)

Girl Scout friend Concetta took a personal day from work so that she could join me for the entire trek; others joined at various points along the way.

I imagine I’ll write more blog posts about this trip… but for now, I’m back.  It was fabulous.  I had a feeling that the trip would either “get it out of my system” or whet my appetite for more.  Yeah.  It was the latter.  Can’t wait to go again!

At the end of the hike...
Deb, Me, Micaela, Concetta, Lena, Sue, and Chiara (in front)
Point A – The End!

Now that I’ve hiked the whole thing, I’ll have to get around to updating the page at my Hike Chautauqua blog.  Eventually…  For now… I better go unpack!

6 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

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  2. I have always dreamed of doing the same thing. I’ve done it all, but in bits and pieces. Maybe someday, way to go!! Fizzy

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