A Challenging Place for Photography!

I’m working on a through-the-seasons project.  So, over the last couple of years, I have been gathering photos from Chautauqua Gorge in Western New York and it is my opinion that a gorge is a very challenging place to make photos!

Because of the steep walls and tall trees, you end up with scenes that have very bright spots contrasted with very dark spots.  Take this one for example:

Chautauqua Creek - Autumn

The sky and leaves in the upper part of the picture are washed out compared to what my eye was seeing.  I wish I could have gotten the same deep rich colors above as you now see reflected in the water below.  (I suppose there is a way in photoshop to make that happen?)

Still, I had quite a bit of fun today, attempting awesome shots.  I used my polarizing filter for all the shots and set the exposure compensation down a couple of notches (which is supposed to enhance the sky blue).

Foliage - Polarizing Filter

I consider the colors to be “peak” when there is still a bit of green and few, if any, branches are bare.  Such is the case this weekend in Western New York.

Looking Up

There were some spots along the creek where the water was still enough to make awesome reflections.  This made for some interesting, almost abstract photos:

Reflections and Rocks 1

Reflections and Rocks 2

Reflections and Rocks 6

Reflections and Rocks 7

I kinda like the way this one turned out, too. I just put my camera down near the rocks and snapped… Didn’t even look through the view finder…. Just let the camera surprise me:

On the Rocks

Happy Autumn!  And, Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian readers!

10 thoughts on “A Challenging Place for Photography!

  1. All the pictures are beautiful,but,I must say that I particulaily like the first one.I know that it is not esposed evenly(light and dark).This is what caught my eye.Thanks for theGreeting,looking forward to some great family time.

  2. Your having your “peak” colors … we’re still in “peak” water season down here in south Florida. I miss the colors of the changing leaves, so I especially enjoyed your photos. The waters of the Everglades peak annually every Fall, and after two drought seasons, its been especially “peaky” this fall … thanks to Fay in a large part.

  3. Jen, these are beautiful, especially the little puddle-y reflections! Just the kind of beautiful I was thinking about yesterday… thanks

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