I have two:

Moose:  a very old cat who likes to lay in front of the refrigerator, because it’s warm there.

Lolli:  a good hiking buddy… but never satisfied.  The walks are never long enough, the biscuits never plentiful enough…  She’s a rotten dog…  (in the nicest sense of the word).

I’m practicing with a 50mm f1.4 lens I rented from  I like the narrow shallow (thanks Dave) depth of field on these…  and no flash!  Works great in very low lighting.

9 thoughts on “Pets

  1. HI !!!!
    I shouldn’t nit-pik but I will anyway. The shots are really nice but the “narrow” depth of field is better called the shallow depth of field.


  2. Nice pets! I love mine too. So do you always prefer a shallow depth of field or only when photographing pets’ faces? When photographing flowers and plants I often prefer more depth of field vs. less, so I am curious.

  3. Tabbie – I am a huge fan of blurred backgrounds, so it doesn’t have to be super-shallow, but somewhat shallow for me. It is one of my determining factors in thinking about my next lens purchase.

  4. Nice to see the feline & canine members of your family! Good use of depth-of-field there, not too much, not too little (those aren’t shot at f/1.4, are they?).

    The 50 f/1.4 is wonderful, one of my favorite lenses, and at least compared to other wide-aperture lenses, a real “bargain” (If you want sticker shock, check out Leica’s 50mm f/0.95 lens…). Great for any low-light situation, as well as very solid as a general mid-length prime.

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