13 thoughts on “Messing Around with Shallow Depth of Field

  1. Jen, your a natural. That first image is as close to 3D as you’ll ever get. The front leaf appears to be extending through the front of the frame.

  2. Nice experimentation. Keep playing! I spent the afternoon today experimenting too, letting my camera do most of the work – I barely looked through the view-finder at all. I adjusted the shutter speed occasionally, but left it on auto focus and just clicked away really close to the ground. I got some interesting results. I, too, am a huge fan of shallow depth of field. I’m curious, in these photos did you have the lens stopped down all the way to f1.4?
    By the way, I REALLY love that first photo. I like how you’re obscured all of the branches. To me it looks like a stop-action shot of a bunch of leaves that were tossed into the air. Nicely done!

  3. The shallow depth of field is usually my preference, especially when I want to convey my attention to a particular detail.
    Your leaves are very nice–a nice enlargement for your wall?

  4. Hey Jen, missed you last night at the RTPI.
    Love the playing you are doing with the lens and camera.
    Shallow depth of field …. now i know what it is called.

  5. Hi,

    well while surfing blogs I came through this blog and to tell you I loved the pictures you have posted of snow, well the other pictures are also beautiful..Well i have also visited places and as I love photography I have also taken some pictures of nature…and I love taking pictures of whatever makes me feel nice.


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