Canon 50mm f1.4

Last Sunday started out so beautiful.  By afternoon, the clouds were rolling in and it was getting pretty dark.  Darn!  I had wanted to get outside with the rented lens.  OK, Let’s go anyway!

Hawthorn Leaves

Whose Leaves are These?


I took the last one just before the rain cut loose and I had to stuff the camera under my jacket and run for the car.  The wind was blowing pretty hard!

It just seems like the colors are more brilliant when there is no sun.  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Canon 50mm f1.4

  1. Jen:
    Beginners miss oppurtunities because they think sun is necessary. Overcast skies result in even lighting and wet conditions result in highly saturated colors. What a great lens for low lighting. Nice shots!!!!!

  2. I love visiting your posts, I always leave with a great deal more knowledge about nature than when I arrived! Your post on the short-headed garder snake brought back memories of when I was little perhaps 7 or 8. We use to have these little snakes and bigger garder snakes around our home each spring and summer. I was forever getting in trouble with my Mother b/c I didn’t take them out of my pockets before I would come in to my house!! …and I agree I think some photos come out much nicer in an overcast setting but I’m still quite an amateur at all of this sooo?:)

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