Peter Pan Opened Last Night

Twenty four years ago, I played Peter in a production of Peter Pan at the Little Theatre of Jamestown.  It was the role of a lifetime and I had the time of my life.  This month, a whole new generation of folks are experiencing the magic of mounting a production at Jamestown Community College.  I went to opening night, expecting the show to be a little shaky, based on the rehearsals I had seen and photographed…  But I was pleasantly surprised to find it is rock solid.

To Neverland!




Lost Boys

For me, the story of Peter Pan is the story of what all childhood should be:  imaginative, creative, and outdoors.  Frosty MorningIn my current job at Audubon (Neverland) I get to encourage children to be “lost boys” (and girls) all the time – exploring nature and getting connected to our beautiful planet.  In this regard, I’ve never stopped being Peter Pan!

If you have never seen a live production of Peter Pan and you live anywhere closeby, treat yourself to this one!  Click here for show times and ticket information.

Then, of course, after the show – take your inner child out to the woods for a little exploration of your local Neverland.

8 thoughts on “Peter Pan Opened Last Night

  1. funny isn’t it, for me Peter Pan is about loss, about losing the “selfish” sense of self you have as a child, that lives in the now and does as it pleases… that Peter embodies, that will never grow up. and the loss of innocence and joy, that are crowded out of our lives. about the bittersweet-ness of growing up and all that one exchanges to be seen as adult, all those things we start chasing again as soon as we are, especially for me, an artist, who needs that “selfish” little voice to help me make art.
    Thanks for the pictures, for me the magic was seeing children who had never seen the show boo and talk back at captain hook, those two little boys who hung around to meet him, who will remember that experience forever….

  2. OMG! Hi Sarah! Haven’t heard from you in years. You were an awesome Indian. And your brother was a delightful Smee!

    Deb – I think that is why this story appeals to children and grownups alike. The children just see the pirates, Indians, and mermaids… the adventure. The grownups realize the full impact of the story.

  3. Some actresses who once played Peter Pan never grow up either, Jen. You still work at Neverland, lead Lost Boys (and girls) along the path in the woods, and are selfishly realizing your youthful dream of being a photographer – although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It seems to make you fly!

  4. Every child should be Peter Pan as longer as possible and every parent take them by hand in the wood to see all the beautiful things they can admire. I ‘ve juste the video, I liked very much
    You’ve been lucky to participate.

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