First Snow

Technically, our first snow was back on October 29th – the day this photo was taken.

Building Front - First Snow

But the scene today is pretty similar!  And other locales further north – closer to Lake Erie, are getting many inches of lake-effect snow.

WinterWoman is smiling.

11 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Ha ha — sweet! I just discovered your post. I blogged about the first snow of the season today as well. 😀 I am certain, however, that you are far happier than I am about the newfallen snow.

  2. Snow is a state of mind that we (I) miss down here in Florida. But maybe that’s only my nostalgic side speaking … my blood has thinned in the 10 years I’ve been down here. I don’t take the cold (or snow) like I used to.

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