Practice Snow

I wanted to stop about a hundred times on my 9-mile drive to work to take a picture of the beautiful snow…  But I didn’t.  After parking and climbing out of my car though, a couple of flocks of Tundra Swans flew directly overhead.

Tundra Swans
Now, if that isn’t an invitation to take a snowy walk, what is?

Winter won’t officially start for more than a month.  This snow?  This is just practice snow.  And all along the way, reminders of autumn were abundant.

Sweet Gum
The Sweet Gum still clings stubbornly to its leaves.


Winterberry Holly
Winterberry Holly is brilliant against the whiteness.


The leaves of alien Honeysuckle sport their bright green-yellow.


A few stragglers remain on the branches of the Apple Tree.


Lost leaves reveal patterns and shapes where the Grape vine twists around branches.


Woodland Pond
WinterWoman is happy for the Practice Snow!!

17 thoughts on “Practice Snow

  1. Wow, that’s quite a lot of snow for practice snow. We haven’t seen that much here yet. Beautiful photos, the grapevine’s my favourite.

  2. Striking pictures of practice snow on the last vestiges of fall. If I had to choose ,I would love to have wall paper like your Sweet Gum & snow picture. The contrasts in color and intricate patterns are lovely.

  3. Thanks, all. You do my ego good! According to the weatherman, we will continue to get Practice Snow for quite some time. Enough that the ski slope in Catt County will be opening this weekend – a RECORD early date! Skiiers are elated!

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