The Wilderness Lodge

LASSesBack in October, the LASSes scheduled a hike for today totally forgetting that it would be deer season in both New York and Pennsylvania.  We also didn’t anticipate the amount of snow we have!  So we had to find a place where we could cross country ski and be safe from hunters.

The Wilderness Lodge turned out to be the perfect place.  Located just west of the border between Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania, this privately owned land had several miles of groomed trails.  The lodge is cozy and warm and serves wonderful soup, chili, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, and – of course – ALWAYS:  Chocolate cake.

It was a picture perfect day.

Gorgeous Snow!

Perfect Day

Concetta   Emily on Skis

SueHere is where there should be a picture of me, except I forgot to hand the camera to someone else to take my picture… I also forgot to take pictures inside the lodge. But if you click here, you can go to the Wilderness Lodge website and see one.




7 thoughts on “The Wilderness Lodge

  1. I love the Wilderness Lodge. When my boys were in elementary school we started cross country skiing and went to the Lodge a lot. The place sure has been around for quite some time. It is set perfectly in the snow belt.

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